Flow with the brush …

I am taking a chinese calligraphy class and it’s been great. The repetition aspect of it, you do characters over and over and over again, is really mind clearing and relaxing. It’s all about feeling, flow and Chi … I love that and it resonates with something in my drawing. Our instructor, Sally, does this amazing thing where she makes you close your eyes and then holding your hand and brush guides you through the character. It’s really thrilling, with your eyes closed you can feel where she applies more energy, where she flows quickly or slows down to let the ink flow …. “Can you feel the Chi, can you feel the Chi?” She usually asks and man do I. It sends shivers down my spine!
So, too stressed ? Take a chinese calligraphy class!

calligraphy 2

calligraphy 1

calligraphy 3

2 Responses to “Flow with the brush …”

  1. neo-rama Says:

    wow. those look really great. looks kind of like the stuff on these curtains i have in my room. and the one big sheet with the girl looks really sexy. nice lips.

  2. OCEaNagogoh Says:

    Cool “rain” drawing.
    I used to learn Chinese calli when I was in Primary school. The thing I remember abt it was, my arm get so tired(since we’ve to write without arm touching e table..yap I’m a bit of a whimp even then)! :p
    So other than speaking Jap… u Know mandrain/Chinese words too?!!