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    SKETCHCRAWL San Francisco #2























































    Sunday september 12 I was able to drag a few of my co-workers on a SketchCrawl. We started at brunch with around 8 persons and ended the day at dinner with around 5 ... we lost a few people in the process (they're all alive and well) but not a bad turn out for a first time.

    Interestingly I noticed one small inbuilt problem with the "GroupCrawl". I get the feeling one can end up feeling a little bit of pressure. Let me explain. The idea is to show the day's drawings to each other at dinner ... with sharing the day's experience being part of the fun. But one thing I hadn't considered is that if one hits a bad day it can be difficult and a tad stressing to actually think about showing your work to a bunch of other artists. The whole idea of SketchCrawl is more about freely documenting one's day than making pretty drawings but this little glitch seems something hard to avoid to a certain point. I think what I could try in the future is to put less stress on the "showing eachother at the end of the day thing" and perhaps try to make the gathering less official, maybe at a bar for a beer, instead of sitting down for dinner in a restaurant. I still have to try and gather some of the other artists' drawings to post. I will asap with their consent .

    Overall I think I was less successful in this second attempt ,though there are a couple of pieces I am happy with.

    I also felt I didn't have enough time to actually stop and chill out at cafes, writing more notes and such. This Crawl lasted roughly from 12 to 6pm and it just felt a tad rushed. I think a whole day makes the experience more enjoyable and relaxed. I also made the mistake of wanting to cover too much ground, making it overall a tad more tiring. Anyway, enough talk here's SketchCrawl #2 !


    I started in Cole Valley. The Giant Robot store was the first piece of the day.


    I then continued down on Haight Street, here's the Red Vic, a great small independent theater.











    Forgive me but I am not sure what you call these things. The neat thing about it is that it was all made of hands counting.













    I took the 43 toward the Marina.












    I get off Fillmore and Lombard and walk toward the bay, an interesting bag lady passes by.









    Uhm, fire hydrants, how charming.




















    A beetle. I want to draw more cars next SketchCrawl.










    I get to the bay, very windy day, Alcatraz doesn't want to fit on my sketchbook.















    Fort Mason Piers. They used to hold APE here. (Alternative Press Expo)



















    I walk toward Ghirardelli Square and find this nice fishing boat.




















    San Francisco Maritime museum, wanted to go inside, but it was closed for a private event.








    A man was balancing rocks right in front of the museum, a small crowd around him. Quite amazing.








    At this point it was almost 6pm, running out of time. I squeezed in this last watercolor of a cable car before running off toward little italy where I met with a few of the friends in front of the restaurant Bocce.