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    October 2004



    So here I am ... at a bit of a turning point in life. A moment for introspection you could say. Soul searching even.

    I remember writing something similar almost 2 years ago when I split up with the girlfriend then (“a page turning in my life” and yadda yadda) and here I am again … another break up. And it still isn’t fun, and it still is sad. Yes, but one good thing about it is that it makes you just go and do whatever the hell you want to do. It makes you go and look for something.
    Hence …
    I am going to Tokyo for 3 weeks toward the end of November. Yep, I am off and I am gonna be Sketchcrawling like a maniac, getting a ton of reference and inspiration for Haiku5-7-5 and hopefully catching the new Miyazaki movie “Howl’s moving castle”, which amusingly enough opens on November 20th: my birthday! So what more signs would one need? Time to buy a SFO-Narita ticket I’d say. And so I did.

    One thing I am planning is to make a "SketchCrawlBlog" during my stay there. So if everything goes right, you’ll be able to follow my daily life in Tokyo through my watercolors and scribblings.
    Yesterday I even went and bought the SketchCrawl.com domain! Given some of the feedback and traffic the page got as of late, I thought it’d be good to try and do more with that.
    In the long run I'd love to create a website to showcase drawings from all over the world … forming a community of artists, sharing views of the different corners of different cities and nations. Ok, I’ll get off the soapbox now, but really, I think SketchCrawl™.com has a lot of potential.
    I am even considering pitching to some publishers the idea of a “travel/art book” filled with watercolors and illustrated maps to places off the beaten track to visit …
    “SketchCrawl Tokyo” an art book companion to take on your travels to Japan, coming to your bookstore in a decade or two !

    Single white male looks to draw watercolors around the globe for a living … XP


    PS No photos today, but a couple of inspiring blogs: SuperHero Journal and Keri Smith's Blog.







    Wow, what a weekend… Open Studios and the Incredibles wrap party sequestered my life.
    It was fun but seriously tiring. The Open studios at Art Explosion in Potrero went quite well, it was really neat to feel part of that small artist’s community. A lot of people came around our space staruday and sunday, a lot of compliments and good words, maybe not as many sales as one might hope but really a great new experience. X)
    The Party and screening of The Incredibles was pretty much what you would expect, incredible. The movie is simply breathtaking. I really don’t want to and can’t write much about it, but let me say this: All of you out there, you don’t know what’s about to hit you. You can’t possibly imagine ... X) I have to bite my lips ... can't say more.
    Well, lot’s of photos this time.




    ::Sunny Open Studio


    ::Yellow and purple


    ::From the door






    ::Potrero Hill


    ::My wall outside


    ::Red & Blue.





    Sketcrawling bits. I just found the site of Danny Gregory, great sketches there and it seems he gathered them into a book ... I'll have to look into that! Sounds very interesting. We exchanged a message or two and he seems to be excited about SletchCrawling, he might try it as soon as this weekend. Pretty neat ... I think I might have started something .... X)

    Anyway, in the meanwhile I posted the results of my second SketchCrawl here and some miscellanious watercolors here. Oh and Ronnie has uploaded on his blog thoughts and pictures on the past LA weekend, check it out.

    Hope to see some of you this weekend at the Art Explosion open studios, I am off to hang some paitings and drawings ...




    ::on the 43






    So, the weekend in Los Angeles was fun ! Many thanks to all of you that showed up at Meltdown Comics. For both Ronnie and I to have an art show of sorts was a first time. It took quite a bit of work and we’re both proud of it ! If you’re in the Los Angeles area check it out, it’s gonna be up at Meltdown in Hollywood until the end of the month. Several pieces are for sale and all our books and t-shirts are in stock there.
    This coming weekend an other art show! Pretty strange to be part of 2 shows in the space of 10 days especially considering I never had one before. The Art Explosion is holding the open studio. Check the link for more details. My space is at the 17th street and Potrero building. One note I will be leaving early on Saturday (around 4pm) because of the “Incredibles wrap Party”. Yes finally we’re gonna see the whole movie … can’t wait!
    But if I was in LosAngeles this weekend, I would never miss the opening of this cool store: NUCLEUS. Great books, t-shirts and original art on the walls ! Among my favorites: James Jean, Catia Chen and Chris Appelhans. Don’t miss it!
    I'll leave you with some photos from the weekend !



    ::Crayola and coffee






    :: Enrico's

    ::Who are these tired guys?







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