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    November 2004





    My trip is going swell. I've been keeping a sketch journal on sketchcrawl.com, but here's a photo to give you an idea of how beautiful Miyajima island is, crazy uh? The foliage color was breathtaking during my stay.

    :: Miyajima Island






    Preparations for the trip are under way. I've been Listening to language tapes as much as I can trying to dust off the little Japanese I used to know. SketchCrawl.com has been taking a bit of time to set up properly, but I think it's getting there. We now have a nice Forum where to organize the SketchCrawl day and then share all our scribblings after it ... pretty exciting. Come by take a look.

    Now here's the coolest thing ever, a co-worker of mine Jason Hull has made a bronze statuette of Mia!! Fantastic! Wow ... I was floored ... Thanks Jay.

    Have a good weekend everyone.





    Exciting day ... The Incredibles opens and there's certainly electricity in the air around here. No doubt that movie is gonna be huge, I bet it'ill be like StarWars for a whole new generation. Anyway, to make the day even more pleasant I just pitched a sequence and I am done with work for the rest of the year !!! Aaaand SketchCrawl.com is up and running! Pretty sweet uh? Can't ask much more of a nice autumn friday ... definately not getting lucky tonight ... eh ;).







    This is pretty cool. Posters for the first International SketchCrawl are up today around Kyoto, thanks to John Grillo who's been spearheading and organizing a SketchCrawl day there. I'll be heading to Japan later this month and I'll certainly be there in Kyoto to be part of the event! Can't wait to see how it unfolds ... so, if you live in the Kansai region come join in!

    And I'll tell you more: wherever you live around the world, consider making Sunday November 21st a SketchCrawl day ! Gather your friends and go around your city recording the details of your day with a pencil and share it! I would love to post drawings from all over the world on the upcoming SketchCrawl.com site! And one day you'll be able to say to your grandchildrens:<in trembly voice> "Back in '05 I was part of the first International Drawing Marathon". ;)

    Let's do this!



    Oh and GO vote! Since you can ... I can't as I am not an American citizen but I wait anxiously from the sidelines! X)







    One week left of work before my hiatus. It’ll be a busy week as I have a sequence to deal with but I don’t mind at all … time passes faster this way and it also always feels better to leave on a good productive note. I had a hard time getting started on this sequence, my head empty as an Halloween pumpkin, but after a nice swim at lunch time things got moving.
    Like a car’s cold engine my brain didn’t want to start … it took me a little to get going, but ideas started to come … and ideas I started to draw … that’s my job, at least for one more week. For two months starting this coming Friday at 6pm my job is going to be to live, relax and live.

    And talking about life ... today, November first is the day of the dead in Italy. We usually visit cemeteries and remember our defunct aunts, grandmas, grandpas, cousins ... anyone, anyone you hold dear and is not with you anymore ... send them some good thoughts.

    On a lighter note, an internet friend, Paul Giambarba, has started an awesome blog: 100 years of illustration and design. Don’t miss it.

    One photo today ... from Genova ...

    :: Rainy day






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    I like to share some bits and pieces of my life and I have come to love photography as a medium to convey some of the daily ups and downs of it. The mood conveyed by the photos is often intertwined with my life's happenings. I think there's something in there that it's worth sharing ... take a look ... read on ... and please use the comment option and share your thoughts.


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