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    March 2005

    ::03.31.2005 - Jen Wang rocks

    If you browse around the internet for comics you probably know, but in case you might not let me tell you: Jen Wang is really darn good. She can draw yes but darn can she write! Great, interesting and believable characters, who you know and feel must have a big piece of herself in them. Such effortless young talent. Please if you haven't read "Koko be good" yet go to her site here, navigate to it and read it immediately. You won't be sorry. The kid will do great things, she already is .

    :: santa monica



    ::03.22.2005 - 32views of Tokyo Tower

    Showing Mindgame tonight here at Pixar, for "Asian movie night". Should be fun, I am curious to see the reaction.

    I found a really great photography online magazine Shirokuma (white bear) and one of its issues is an awesome series of photos of Tokyo Tower. Follow the link and click on the lower left: sp vol.3 and it'll take you to the 32 views. There's some really fantastic photos with such interesting point of views. That idea would make a great book. (Link via jeansnow)

    Here's my fantastic contribution: a photo I took in 1997 with my first digital camera. X)

    :: shadow - circa 1997




    Uesugi San's artshow is happening now in Tokyo and here's an new addition to the gallery's (Dazzle) website, with some of Tadahiro's thoughts on his own work. Quite interesting. It also points out that he made original watercolor artwork for this show. Darn, since we weren't feeling bad enough about missing this! X(

    Another couple of links today. First one to an awesome and really fun flash short: full throttle (can't beat "cutebirdsshooting" machine gun). The second one to a blog I just discovered about design pop culture in Tokyo by Jean Snow, looks interesting.


    :: from bay bridge





    Mindgame is a movie that went under the radar last year in Japan. It's from the ever amusing Studio 4C, which not also houses one of my favorite animator/director koji Morimoto, but it is also now producing a "Black and White" feature (from Tayo Matsumoto's awesome manga). Mindgame certainly didn't go unnoticed at Anipages Daily, where you can find a ton of information regarding the director Masaaki Yuasa and all the players involved in this movie.
    I finally had the pleasure of seeing it last night and wow, what an amazing tour the force !

    It's crazy, deep, strange, refreshing, dazzling, kinetic, funny, layered, daring, unrelenting ... and I could go on ...
    Certainly like nothing you've ever seen before ... It's the kind of movie that leaves you speechless for a few minutes after it ...
    Mindgame is a true ride and I can't wait to see it again. There's talk of a US release, but I wouldn't hold my breath for it ... for now it's available only in Japan, but the DVD, while not cheap, has subtitles (you will need a regionfree player for it). X)

    Watch Mindgame's trailer.

    Cheers X)

    Oh and don't miss Ronnie's awesome retelling of the 2nd World Wide SketchCrawl day!

    Some more photos of chinatown.

    :: Ning Lung Co.


    :: Fried stuff


    :: 59 cents a pound





    I had a nice swim tonight: after 30 minutes of laps I slowed down and just floated around for a bit looking at the clear starry sky. All sounds muffled by water except my breathing, heavy from the work out but regular and soothing. One of those moments when the world stops around you and time slows down to an halt. So, when's the last time you've looked at the stars ?

    Time to share some photos of San Francisco from last sunday's sketchcrawl. Thanks again to all the artists that joined in! It was quite the day!


    ::Crawling at the Chinatown gate




    ::the chronicle


    :: Grandma'


    :: Stockton and Sutter


    :: Columbus


    :: the crawlers at the end of the day





    Wow what a weekend we've had. Fragments at Super7 and then SketchCrawl all day sunday. Amazing. The art show opening was really fun, the atmosphere warm and cheerful. The store isn't big, but Ronnie and I really enjoyed filling its walls with our work. It was heartwarming to see so many people come to support us and look at what we ended up putting on the walls. Many thanks to you all, special thanks to the all the Pixarians that showed up in numbers and a super special thanks to the Super7 staff. They were awesome and resourceful. We also had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Smith (of Bone fame) last friday at Pixar and He ended up joining us at the opening as well, what a great guy, really supportive and inspiring. The show went really well and we sold quite a few originals and prints. It'll be up on the walls till the first week of April ...

    And after the outstanding artshow night we ended up on the streets of San Francisco all day sunday, drawing away with a group of artists and what a group ! The turn out was amazing, we had almost 30 people joining the crawl ... pretty exciting. Check the sketchcrawl forums for upcoming sketches from the day from all over the word.

    As you can imagine I have tons of photos to share ... here's a start, I will keep on updating through out the week.

    Oh and don't miss Ronnie's retelling of the show.


    ::the main wall


    ::another wall


    ::SketchCrawl wall


    :: a good crowd


    ::I get chummy with Jeff


    ::Ronnie gets chummier ;)






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