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    JULY 2004


    Don't you love Saturdays?? Best day of the week, hands down. Well, on this grey San Francisco saturday, I happen to have some interesting news ...

    -The girlfriend and I, pretty much out of the blue, have rented an artists studio in Potrero ... A place to go and paint away ... A bit of an experiment I guess for us. The exciting thing is that the place (Art Explosion) has 3 open studios a year, at which point the whole big warehouse/loft turns into a gallery showcasing everyone's work ... Pretty neat uh ? I look forward to explore that side of my work and try to sell some of the figure drawings and paintings. On the comics side of things, I am preparing to pitch Haiku5-7-5 to a couple of publishers ... I am pretty excited about it, as I've figured out the overall story and format for it ... Hope to really dedicate a good chunk of my time to it and also find a publisher as excited about it as I am.

    -Check this for some exciting FLIGHT news! The book really did great at Comic-con and it's gaining momentum at each turn ... . Also next weekend I will be at the Super 7 store in Japan Town for a Flight signing and exhibition. Come around if you're in the SF area. With the flight crew involved, you can be sure there will be some amazing art on the walls! Don't trust me ? Well just check Catia Chen's work to get an idea of the talent involved here ... Beautiful, lyrical work.

    -Haiku5-7-5 t-shirts are gonna be on sale from tomorrow at Haiku5-7-5.com .. check them out, they did great at the Con in San Diego.

      -Just found this new review of Mia's second issue at 4th Rail. Yay.


    ok then ... have a wonderful rest of the weekend everybody and here's a photo for you ... taken from my livingroom window ... X)


    ::Brave Blue Bird






    Fragments Intermezzo is available for purchase here. Order yours today and get a signed copy plus a small sketch. Hope paypal works ... let me know if you have any problems. Ciao!



    We're back !!! Tired as hell ... and with a strange mixture of sadness and relief ... one way or the other, it's over. X)

    Let's see ... so many things to talk about. The con while sometimes overwhelming still has great feel. It's really like a marathon: exciting, looong, gratifying, exhausting, exhilarating, brutal and more ... It was great to chat with so many of you. Ronnie and I had a great time meeting old readers and luckily getting some new ones! We sketched a ton ! Thanks for all of you who dropped by to say hi and give us words of appreciation for our work. You guys and girls really give us the drive to keep on doing these books. It was really incouraging to see many new readers pick up issue 1 of Mia or Paper Biscuit and then come back the next day for issue 2. Those kind of things make our day ...

    Our booth was really full of stuff this year. T-shirts, pins, prints, original drawings, postcards and a ton of books ... on top of our Mia/PaperBiscuit/fragments offerings (that this year totalled to a whopping 8 books), we also had Bill Presing's Rex Steele the Nazismasher book and "Flight", the anthology. They hardly needed our help though as both those books did amazingly well at the con and The Rex Steele DVD was an even bigger success.

    Hanging out with the Flight crew was a ton of fun, we had a nice dinner at BUCA DI BEPPO on Saturday night. God only knows how they managed to seat us, as we were almost 100 hungry artists ... but seat us they did. Good food and good company. Amy and I had a good time chatting with Khang and Phil. Nice evening. The Flight book is simply a thing of beauty and it was a pleasure to sign copies of it through out the weekend. The next big thing is indeed here. Kudos to Kazu once again!

    Interestingly this is year on the Con's floor I met a lot of girls named Mia ... the name's more popular than I thought ... Today I even got the sweetest e-mail from a mother, who just picked up and read the book with her 15 months old daughter named Mia. She loved the book and almost felt as if it was made just for her daughter. "Mia is a little fearless soul. Maybe one day, she will be flying an airplane just like your Mia" writes Eiko, Mia's mother. "Her name in Japanese, according to the Kanji I assigned to it, means beautiful blue." Isn't that great ? So great to read all this ... these kind of things make me so darn happy. This is why it's worth to do this ... X) Thanks Eiko. Ureshi !


    And Here's some photos:

    :: our mega booth. E/R power!


    :: cool banners eh? (Thanks to CK)


    ::Our view


    ::Our super Neighbors ! (from left Jamie, Sam and (missing) Brodie)


    ::The Flight crew outside Buca di Beppo ! (you can spot on the left Joel and Kean. On the right Chris, Cat and Rad)


    ::Kazuuuuuuuu !


    Worse moment- Drawing "Predator" for a spoiled kid, complete with mother looking over every line I drew...

    Best moment- Talking to Craig Thompson for a couple of minutes. (oh and second best moment was meeting Mike Mignola, nice guy)

    Favorite Purchase - Carnet de Voyage from Craig Thompson. Loving it, great read.

    Favorite book I didn't pay for - Paper Biscuit 2 (Ronnie's second installment is just outstanding. So heartfelt! It'll really make you feel for poor Nina.)

    well, ok then ... this is it. See you next year ... maybe.




    Don't miss Ronnie's awesome Comic-Con tales here.


    One thing I forgot. Huge thanks go to Geo Gerin and Tess. Ronnie's sweet and super helpful family! Arigato. And thanks Ronnie! Just can't imagine doing this big Con's productions with anyone else.





    I am off to San Diego Comic-con, see some of you there!



    Ok ... so. let me show you.

    Last week :


    :: and that.

    :: and this.


    Now, this week:

    :: A lot of this.

    Yep photos pretty much say it all. After a Corona comercial like, relaxing all the way, sweet as can be week in Mexico I am back here swamped in preparations for San Diego Comic-con oh, and also work. Contrast couldn't be more stark. But in the middle of the mess, things are coming together. Ronnie and I got our booth number for the convention it's 1422. It's in front of the Image section, so it seems to be a good position with substantial traffic. All our books and products are being delivered (or just about). Haiku t-shirts are done and I received the shipment of fragments intermezzo ! The book came out real well. Here's some photos.



    So we're getting there ... last few things are trying to get together some original art to show and sell and have some set up for the booth ... busy busy busy...

    I miss Mexico.

    But hope to see you all next week. X)




    So, Mocca went swell I hear ... and seeing some photos on blogs around the net of it had made me totally homesick ... NY still feels like home. Oh well ... Anyway, big news: check monkeysuit.com ! Mia issue 2 is available for order and we ship internationally ! Other than that I am going to Mexico for a week... a little relax before San Diego Comic-con, if I can manage to lower my adrenaline level that is ... X) By the way Ronnie and I just got our booth number for the con: 1422 ! Come see us, we have a ton of stuff to show you. I very much look forward to it this year. Oh and check Haiku5-7-5, just did an update there ... t-shirts and more.

    ok talk to you in a week or so.


    One photo... X)


     ::Calligraphy class brush tests put to good use.


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