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    February 2005


    Congrats to Brad for the undeniably deserved oscar. Can't wait for the DVD to be out, bet it'll break all records on sales.

    So, as you might have noticed, next saturday March 5th at 6pm Ronnie and I will be at the Super7 Store in San Francisco's Japantown for the opening of the artshow:"fragments". We are preparing a lot of originals and prints ranging from comicbook pages to sketches and even paintings. Ronnie and I also designed a new t-shirt together that will be available for the first time at the show. If you haven't been to the Super7 store yet don't miss this opportunity , it's really a great little place filled with great books, t-shirts and rare toys. Perfect store to find a unique gift for a friend. Check this nice review if you don't believe me. Drinks and refreshments will be on hand, hope to see you and your friends there! And if you can't make it this saturday drop by the store anytime this month, the artwork will be up till April 4th.





    Saturday morning ... well more like afternoon ... for some strange reason my body seems to crave a ton of sleep this week, I just slept around 10 hours and still had a hard time getting up. And it's been happening for the last few days. Weird. Today it would feel pretty good to oversleep if it wasn't that I have a ton of things to do this weekend: frame more artwork for the upcoming show at Super7, do my taxes X(, scan more watercolors from my Japan trip sketchbook, watercolor some more unfinished pages from my sketchbook, scout Union Square for a good cafe to meet at for the sketchcrawl next sunday and ... well you get the idea ... enough stuff to make my head spin and actually get none of it done! Well, I can only hope in the ever helpful power of the "to do list"! X)


    :: Grand Hyatt

    ::Roppongi Hills lights





    My friend and amazing illustrator Tadahiro Uesugi is going to have an art show in Aoyama Tokyo at this gallery from March 8th to the 20th. If you're lucky enough to be in Tokyo, don't miss it! His work has been a huge inspiration to me and certainly to most of the artists and friends around me. Here's a map of the location in Aoyama, though you might need a Japanese friend to give you a hand with it. Wish I could see this show pretty bad!





    WonderCon 2005 came and went … it felt a little more packed than previous years, well maybe packed isn’t quite the word, but especially on Saturday it was quite crowded, a good sign.
    Maybe ‘cause I was coming from a little sickness and going a good 30 miles per hour slower than anyone else around me but this convention made me ponder about a couple of things.

    The truth is that cons often leave me with very mixed feelings. I think they almost always did, since we started selling our books at them.
    On the one hand I feel often a little bummed by the sometimes meager sales, exhausted by the noise and the crowd, turned off by the odd obnoxious customer and I could add a few more … the point being that thoughts like: “Why the hell don’t I stay home and actually draw some comics?” start popping in my head.
    But see than there’s the other side … the other side is seeing a 4 year old girl with her father. She’s cute as a button, shy, half scared half mesmerized by the crowd around her and she’s named Mia. I give her a book and sign it for her. I look at her happy, slightly lost but undoubtedly fascinated by the experience. I met two Mias this weekend and they were both under five and cute enough to warm an ogre’s heart. (I regret letting one of the two buy the book, girls named Mia should get a free book, always.) The other side is also seeing a fan approaching our table tentatively, circumnavigating for a little while, then finally finding the courage to speak and discovering she had to drive for long hours only to get to meet us. Pretty astounding and strangely humbling … The other side is also meeting a celebrated artist whose work I’ve admired for decades, talking to him for five minutes and giving him my books or having even another celebrated artist I’ve admired for ages come to our table and call me by name: “hey Enrico …”. That feels nice, yes.
    And there’s more inbetween and it usually entail chatting with and meeting interesting nice people. Those are the sweet little moments … dispersed through marathons of weekends which are also unfortunately mostly about commerce …
    So see ? Wouldn’t you have some mixed feelings? X)


    ::going to dinner







    I am recovering from either a nasty stomach flu or some food poisoning (not sure which) but I am slowly getting my energy and appetite back. I hadn't thrown up in at least 10 years and memory didn't quite do it justice. It really is much worse than I could remember ... X(. As a friend aptly put it:"an art better left to cats". Yah. Anyway ... I still should be able to attend WonderCon here in SanFrancisco's Moscone's center tomorrow and sunday. The convention started today and Ronnie del Carmen, Bill Presing and I are sharing a booth there. #211. Many thanks to them for representing me today ...

    And here's a few photos ... can you figure out from where?


    ::green tea?


    ::nice new hat


    ::from the Park Hyatt





    Flight 2 is in its final stages of production and is already available for preorder. It'll be in stores in March! While this time around I didn't have the time to contribute to it, I still had the pleasure to see it all come together on the flight forums and I can assure you this second volume will blow you away. They raised the bar once again. Don't forget to visit the redesigned flightcomics.com for more updates, news and some awesome desktop images!


    an image from Kazu Kibuishi's wonderful story for Flight 2 , he's also the amazing book's editor.






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    I like to share some bits and pieces of my life and I have come to love photography as a medium to convey some of the daily ups and downs of it. The mood conveyed by the photos is often intertwined with my life's happenings. I think there's something in there that it's worth sharing ... take a look ... read on ... and please use the comment option and share your thoughts.


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